The Interoperability Testing App executes a series of interoperability tests for a HISP's sending and receiving of Direct messages to validate compliance not only with DirectTrust policies, but also basic compliance with the Applicability Statement for Secure Health Transport.

To gain access to the tool, click the "Self Registration" link, and fill out all requested information. Upon submission, a DirectTrust administrator will review the information and grant access if applicable.

NOTE: You will need to include the DirectTrust Interop Validation Bundle into your system to exchange messages with this application.


Please fill out all information and click "Register Now".

Your registration request has been received and will be reviewed by DirectTrust. You will receive an email at {{selfRegEmail}} when your access has been approved. If you do not receive an email within 2 business days, check your spam/junk folder or contact DirectTrust at

The Message Receive Tests execute a series of tests that evaluate a HISP's ability to receive Direct messages from another HISP in accordance with DirectTrust policies. To execute the tests, enter the Direct email address that will receive the messages in the To Address field; this address should be a valid Direct address within your HISP. Optionally, you may enter a non-Direct email address indicating where a testing report will be sent. You may also change the amount of time that the tool will allow for the tests to complete (maxium of 5 minutes).

Once all required information is entered, click Start Test to initiate the tests. Once the tests have been completed, you have the option of sending a report to an additional non-Direct email address. NOTE: You may need to check your spam/junk folder for reports.


{{elapsedTestTime | number:0}} seconds


The Message Sends Tests are initiated via sending a Direct message from your HISP to the ATAB Send Test Address listed below. When the tool receives the Direct message from your HISP, it is evaluated against DirectTrust policies, and a report is generated based on the evaluation results. The results are then sent to one or more registered report addresses.

To receive the result report, enter a non-Direct address that will receive the report in the Message Report Address fields and click Load. You will then need to enter your HISP's Direct addresses (entered as a registered source addresses) that will be use to send Direct messages to the testing tool. Any messages sent from a registered source address to the ATAB Send Test Address will result in a report message being sent to the Message Report Address. NOTE: You may need to check your spam/junk folder for reports.

Address Registration

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